There are times in all of our lives when things just don’t seem right, our lives seem to be spiralling out of our control. Days seem a bit darker, relationships seem a bit harder or we are just not happy.

Counselling is a very personal thing and looking for a Therapist is a big step.  Contacting me means that you are aware that something isn’t quite right in your life and that you would like an opportunity to discuss this with another person, someone who isn’t going to give you advise or tell you what to do.  Someone who will not judge you and who will spend time with you, just you.  Giving you time and space to work through your issues or concerns. Whether the work is short term or long term it is important that you feel safe with the Therapist you choose and feel able to create a therapeutic relationship with them.

It can be scary to think about changing who we are, things we do, especially when we are not sure where that might lead us.   For a initial conversation, please contact me.  I will treat your information with respect and reply to your email as soon as possible, alternatively you can always telephone me on 07914 084972 to discuss your concerns.