Different Year, Same Sh*t

For a number of us, the New Year brings new opportunities, time to reflect on the last year and look to the future.  Some of us will have made resolutions, deciding to eat better, join a gym, spend more time with the family, to name a few;  but for others, it is just another day.  For them the idea of a different life, a different way of being is non-existent.  They are just trying to survive, to get through each day in one piece, anyway they can.

For a small number of us however, it is too much.  Another year of feeling depressed, another year worrying about money, a job, security, family, for them it isn’t a happy new year.  And for them, the only way out is suicide.  To leave it all behind and hopefully have a better life in the next life.

If this is how you are feeling, there is support out there.  The Samaritans can be reached by calling 116 123 from any phone free of charge in the UK and ROI.  There is also a large community of counsellors and psychotherapists who want to help, who will listen to you with empathy, without making judgements about you, who will help you find the hope that may be missing at the moment.  You are not alone.

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