Men and Suicide

Piers Morgan stated that he wanted to organise a Man’s March in retaliation to the Women’s march this weekend.  I think this is a fantastic idea, especially if we can link it to issues that impact on men but which they feel they can’t talk about without the stigma that goes with it i.e. mental health issues especially depression and  suicide.  The statistics below show that this is something that needs to be talked about and help offered.  It has to be ok for men to be able to talk about these issues without worrying about how they will be seen by their mates, families and society.

“Suicide rates are higher for men than for women in all age groups, with men being three times more likely to commit suicide.  Men between the ages of 25 and 34 are four times more likely to kill themselves then women in the same age group. Men account for three quarters of all suicides.”

Against Living Miserably showing that more four in 10 men have thought about taking their own lives at some point.

The YouGov survey of more than 2,000 men also found a similar proportion never talk to anyone about their problems – variously because they felt ashamed, did not want to discuss feelings or did not “want to make a fuss”.

So if this is how you are feeling, don’t “just get on with it”, get help!  Contact your doctor, Samaritan’s or a Psychotherapist. This is not a group you want to be a member of.  Your life is worth more than a statistic.

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