Frequently Asked Questions


As with most things there are many questions that clients ask either at the initial phone call or assessment, so I have listed a few of them below.  Don’t worry if your question is not here, you can always ask it when you see me.

I work during the day.  Do you have appointments outside of normal working hours?

I have sessions available from 8.00 to 20.00 most weeks days and some availability on Saturdays and each session lasts an hour.

What happens in the sessions?

This is the time for you to talk about what brought you to my door.  Sometimes it takes a while to be able to talk about some issues so I normally start off with getting to know you.  Once you feel comfortable with me, we will start the work.

How long do you offer sessions for?

I offer short and long-term work, depending on your time and what your issues are.  As we work together we will review our progress and end when you feel you have resolved your issues.

Do we have the same day and time each week?

Yes, however if there is a reason you are not able to make it at your time, I may have alternative sessions available. I can’t always guarantee this.