Issues that may bring you to Therapy


Ask yourself this question

“What are the stresses in my life at the moment, are they to do with work, family, money?

Then ask yourself “How do I react when I am stressed about these problems”?We tend to label what is happening to us as stress and then see it as something solid and unmanageable.  But if we investigate what actually happens, we begin to notice that our stress is made up of many different things.  It is beneficial to work out what can you do with the issues that stress you, do you have any control over them.  It is normally those things we have no control over, that stress us the most.  Part of the tools I use for managing stress is Mindfulness as it allows us time to pause and really focus on the here and now.




Depression has an effect on all parts of the body and mind.  It affects our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviours.  Depression is seldom caused by one single thing.  Although it can be one event that triggers it, it is usually an accumulation of several events or triggers that result in depression.  These can include, loss and bereavement, relationship issues, job demands, money worries, moving house, getting married.




Anxiety is fear, a feeling of worry or dread, an uneasiness that seeps throughout your thoughts and body.  You live constantly fearing the worst or avoid thinking about things.  You can start to imagine things are much worse than they really are, you may start to do odd things to avoid your fears and ultimately you may begin to question your sanity.  Anxiety is a biological reaction.  It is a survival instinct that warns and protects us from potential dangers ahead.  A little bit can be helpful, too much however can cause us to feel unwell, experience thoughts of constant worry.




Shame is a feeling deep within us that makes us want to hide.  We feel overwhelmed and self-conscious.  The feeling of shame is of being exposed, visible and examined by a critical other.  We hang our heads, stoop our shoulders and curve inward as if trying to make ourselves invisible.  Debilitating shame is an isolating experience that makes us think we are completely alone; that we are unlovable.  We believe others view us with disdain or disgust.  We are mistakes and failures.


All of these issues can isolate us but you do not have to suffer alone. I can offer you the opportunity to examine these issues in a non-judgemental environment with someone who wants to help.